Resources for Happiness

What are the best resources to help me as a person?

Authentic Happiness

Martim Seligman’s Authentic Happiness is the classic summary of the research on well-being. You can buy a copy at





Finding Joy in Family Life is an LDS book I wrote on principles of personal well-being and family relations. You can buy this book on





blueprintYour Blueprint for Happiness is a program that we created at the University of Arkansas. It summarizes the key principles for happiness and shows you how to apply them to your life. You can read or download the program here.




houseGetting our Hearts Right is a program we created that shows that knowledge and skills are not enough to solve relationship problems; we need to get our hearts right. Find the program here.







What are the best resources to help me as a partner?


The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work is the classic book on couple relationships by the world’s leading marriage researcher, John M. Gottman.






drawingheavencoverDrawing Heaven into Your Marriage shows that the keys to healthy relationships are found in the principles and covenants of the gospel of Jesus Christ.









marriagegardencoverThe Marriage Garden is the program we created at the University of Arkansas that teaches six key principles for strong relationships. You can find the program and print the lesson booklets here.






What are the best resources for parents?


betweenpandccoverBetween Parent and Child is the classic and revered book by Dr. Haim Ginott. It teaches a unique combination of empathy and limits.








The Parenting Journey is the parenting program we created at the University of Arkansas based on the six dimensions of the National Extension Parent Education Model.







seeworldSee the World Through My Eyes is the award-winning program that invites parents to see the 21 common pre-school challenges they face with children as mormal developmental steps. You can find the program here.








The Soft-Spoken Parent suggests 50 ways of responding to challenges with children without losing our tempers.










What about other Areas?


There are many challenges we face that call for specialized counsel. The Authoritative Guide to Self-Help Resources in Mental Health recommends the best book and web resources in each of the thirty-six areas.


mentalhealthcoverYou may also get good guidance by reading Seligman’s What You Can Change and What You Can’t which summarizes the demonstrated success of therapy and pharmaceuticals in the important areas of change.

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